About Us

About Us

Bangalore Art Hub has become a cornerstone in Bangalore since 1998. Our Realistic Artwork is original and fresh for individuals as well as businesses. We have customers all around the world like Italy, the US, France, Singapore and many more. Not only they come every year to us because of our artwork that you will understand when you come to our gallery.

Mr G.D.Chandrababu is an innovative and influential arts professional. He started his life as an artist in Bangalore. He adds a vision to create an art gallery. He believes that hard work and quality work only that brings business. And that’s the reason he is able to continue these long years along with other artists who dedicated their life only for art.

He believes in the quality of work which always makes us special in all business. He maintained this quality every time since 1998 and that’s the reason his arts recognized by our customers all over the world.

Our Gallery

we have customers who did business with us more than 16,15,10 years.they are doing business with us because of the quality of our work. After so many decades still, we will be doing in feature. We are an artist and We dedicated their lives only art.
All are associated with us that is the reason Bangalore art hub is capable of giving such a beautiful painting. Bangalore art hub is having many features gallery foundation and framing. Bangalore Art Hub has a special way of teaching for all group in our foundation. There is no age group. It’s only knowledge that’s we do it in a different way.

Quality Art Work

Quality is the root of business not only in art all firm. But when it comes for artwork or artist, It reflects in the beauty of a painting or an artist. who believes that this is the success mantra for a business and the Bangalore art hub is doing it on every aspect.

Global Customer of Bangalore Art Hub:

All though we have a global customer we still have love in our Indian paintings.
We have paintings of Bangalore that shows the beauty of our city.
Bangalore is a garden city and you can see it in our paintings. You will get these masterworks in our Bangalore Art we have other major city paintings like Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi Paintings.


We are conducting Art Classes as well.
There are no regular boring classes here. We don’t take any admission of any students for an income sake. Our main purpose is to maximize Art.

We strongly believe that the student is an artist. In the feature all are artists, you can see the images of their artworks, like no other students can do this level of artwork. We are not pushing a several task in one time. We make our students became a master in a subject of an art in a year who comes here without knowing anything they all go out as master in a art.

Curriculum in Art Classes:

We teach a basic to master level, all mediums all subjects for all age.

We teach basic pencil drawing, Anatomy drawing, pencil shadings from real models, watercolours wet on wet techniques oil paintings teaching from live models, acrylic painting how to compose.

Classes including all materials.

Every month we conduct free workshops..

Non-members have to come with the prior registration.